Genuine, traditional flavors

With recipes that were unchanged in the years


One of the most magical places of the guesthouse, the old cellar, houses the restaurant. A place that comes to life with the stories of locals and travelers, decorated with visible stone walls, tiled floor polished by countless hiking boots, old utensils and posters of European exhibitions that give a special feel.

The restaurant, the cafe and the grocery of the guesthouse operate throughout the year based on tradition, quality and affordability. We give you indicative prices of our products that you can enjoy during your stay or your visit to Ano Pedina.

  • Traditional pies from 2-3.50 euros (flour pie, batsaria, green pie, cheese pie, mushroom pie etc.
  • Meats of our village (rabbit, rooster, beef, sheep, pork in all your preferences (5-8 euros).
  • You can also taste our appetizers, snacks and daily dishes at an incredibly affordable price always based on our quality

In our store you will find great products like local honey, mountain tea, homemade jams, amazing homemade limoncello or else lemon liqueur

Finally, the absolute peace and quiet of the village is ideal for a tasty coffee.

Photos of the restaurant